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Hattrick Manager is a tool for the onlinegame Hattrick where you coach a virtual football team. With Hattrick Manager you may (offline) sort your players, do analyses and pick out your team with help from several features designed to improve your skill as manager for your soccer team.

Due to changes in Hattrick's CHPP interface the latest version of Hattrick Manager is no longer able to download new team data.

Unfortunately, there is currently no new version planned to fix this and support the new CHPP interface. Hence, as of now Hattrick Manager is dead after 13 years since the first version. This is sad, but personal circumstances has made it hard to keep up and this is also the reason why there hasn't been any updates the recent years. Thanks everybody for these years, it's truly an end of an era.

Note: A new open-source version of Hattrick Manager has been in development for some time (by other developers) and is open for contributions at Google Code.

Importance of backup – with a solution!

[ ] Posted May 4, 2007

It is quite common I receive emails asking “My harddisk crashes, how do I get back years of Hattrick data?” or “I changed computer but forgot to backup my emails, may you send the registration key again?”. Regarding the key, that’s easy, regarding the lost Hattrick data – it is gone.

With a backup of the most important files on your harddisk (like your emails, documents, digital photos, etc) this would not be a problem. If disaster happens, you could easily recover lost files from a backup.

Recently I was looking at a good backup solution myself. Previously I backuped up things like the source code of Hattrick Manager to an old spare computer. However, that won’t do any good if there is a fire for example. The only safe solution is to save the backup somewhere else.

I found a solution that I’m really pleased with. So pleased that I thought I should recommend it to all HM users.

It is called Mozy and it is free 2 GB remote backup storage. You install a small application that runs in the background and when your computer is idle it performs a backup of your specified files by compressing, encrypting and uploading them to a safe location.

I’ve been running it for some time now and I’m really happy with it. To use it yourself, simply click this link, create an account and you could do a backup right now.

Note: These links include my referrral code (EAQV45). What it means is that if you sign up I get some additional extra space for free. Once you have your own account you could recommend your friends and get some additional free space yourself.

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