How to backup Hattrick Manager

You may want to make a backup of Hattrick Manager because you would like to move everything to another computer, or to perform a backup. Here are step-by-step instructions how to make the backup, and how to restore it.

If you want to make a backup of everything, you need to backup both your Hattrick Manager settings AND your team's data files. Let's start with the settings.

Please note that this guide is in english and assumes you are using an english Windows, however the procedure is the same in other languages so you should be able to follow the steps just as easily.

General Backup Recommendations

For a recommended (free) online backup solution please see this post that appeared earlier on the Hattrick Manager website.

Backup Hattrick Manager settings

Hattrick Manager stores all it's settings in the Windows Registry. It is very easy to backup and import registry settings.

Start the Registry Editor by selecting Run... in the Windows Start Menu (or press Windows Key+R).


Enter regedit in the Run window and press OK.

The Registry Editor should now be open. Find the My Computer entry in the left panel (the treeview), it may be expanded by default so just scroll to the top of the list. Click the plus sign on My Computer, then find and do the same with HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Find you way to Software and finally HattrickManager.

If everything is done correctly you should now see the path My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HattrickManager in the Registry Editor's status bar.


The next step is to export the actual settings. Right-click the HattrickManager entry in the treeview to the left and select Export.


The normal Windows save file dialog will be displayed. Verify that as Export Range, Selected branch should be selected and that it states HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HattrickManager. Now select where you want to save the settings file on your harddisk, and give it a filename (do remember where you save it).

Backup completed!

Restore Hattrick Manager settings

If you want to restore the backuped up registry settings or import them on another computer. First make sure Hattrick Manager is not running, then locate and double-click the exported file.


A dialog looking something like this will be displayed:

Are you sure you want to add the information in [your filename] to the registry?

Select Yes. You should now see a confirmation message that the import was done successfully:

Information in [your filename] has been successfully entered into the registry.

That's it.

Backup and restore Hattrick Manager data files

The Hattrick Manager data files contains both XML-files retrieved from Hattrick as well as internal XML-files used for settings, caching or data by Hattrick Manager itself. All these files are located in the directory htdata which location you may find by opening the Download window in Hattrick Manager and click the Settings button.

Locate the htdata directory on your harddisk. To backup, just make a copy of the whole htdata directory.

To restore the backup, simply copy the backuped htdata directory back to it's original place.

Please note that the default location of the htdata directory changed in v2.47 from C:\Program Files\Hattrick Manager\htdata\ to a location within your Documents and Settings directory. So when you copy back the files, make sure you copy them to the correct place (check Download / Settings to be sure Hattrick Manager is looking in the correct location).