Ordered but not received your reg key?

If you've ordered Hattrick Manager but haven't received your registration key, please read this text.

First of all, I manually confirm payments and send out the registration keys. That means that they will not be sent out within minutes, but most likely within 24 hours. If I'm away for a longer period, I either state that on this website or get someone else to send out the keys.

Please follow these steps...

  1. Check if your key already has been sent

    Go to the support page and enter your Team ID at the Resend Key form. If it says that information about your team could not be found, please go to step 2 below.

    If it says that the registration information has been sent again, that means that I've already sent it once, but by some reason you have not received it. If you still don't received it, check:

    • Verify that your e-mail address stated on the page is valid - especially if you've written your e-mail address in a letter and you know your handwriting is terrible :-).

    • Verify that your e-mail account does actually work.

    • Turn off any spam-filters or similar that by mistake may have deleted the mail (since the e-mail contains words like "registration" and "payment" it may become classified as spam). Another way is to put any mail containing the word Hattrick in the subject on your whitelist.

    • If you still don't received the key, contact me by e-mail.

  2. Verify your payment

    Follow the instructions for your payment option:

    • PayPal

      Verify that you actually did a payment using PayPal. If you didn't pay via credit card directly, please note that simply transfering money to your own PayPal account is not a payment.

    • Kagi

      Use the Kagi Order Tracking System and verify that your order was successful.

    • Postal mail

      Please allow for some time for the letter to arrive. During holidays and weekends it may take a couple of days longer. If you really believe it should've arrived, please e-mail me.

    • Postgirot

      Please verify that the payment is made to account 1361518-2.

If this still doesn't help you, please e-mail me and we'll work it out.