Version History

Hattrick Manager

v2.59 (2009-11-20)

  • [Download] Fix for false "Wrong Security Code" error (again! due to new CHPP key)

v2.58 (2009-11-16)

  • [Download] Fix for false "Wrong Security Code" error

v2.57 (2009-08-07)

  • [Download] Fix for issues related to IE8 update
  • [Download] Fix for "No Hattrick Server address found" error

v2.56 (2008-10-17)

  • [Download] Better error detection if session ends during download
  • [Player Listview] Replaced players XML-parser for unicode support (non a-z characters)
  • (note: v2.56 removed due to bug in third-party XML-parser)

v2.55 (2008-10-04)

  • [Download] Support for new CHPP login process
  • [Download] Support for new XML file retrieval process

v2.54 (2008-03-23)

  • [Download] Fixed downloading of world details data due to change on Hattrick

v2.53 (2007-11-06)

  • [Download] Added support for recent changes in CHPP interface that made all earlier versions incompatible
  • [Misc] Updated Serbian flag
  • [Misc] Added flags for new countries missing flags

v2.52 (2007-10-20)

  • [Training] Fixed training progress bug from previous version
  • [Misc] Improved registration key parsing due to Hotmail malforming the key

v2.51 (2007-08-06)

  • [Arena] New arena construction prices
  • [Training] Support for new stamina training (visible in Training, Player Info/Training)
  • [Training] Fixed issue with re-editing empty training date
  • [Matches] Fixed issue where colored indicators not visible for matches
  • [Player Information] Added days to player's age
  • [Match Analyze] Fixed color of center-attack sector of opposing team in graphical rating statistics

v2.50 (2007-01-31)

  • [Misc] Fixed issues only occuring on Windows Vista
  • [Misc] Fixed a couple of minor bugs
  • [Misc] Updated some internal components for better compatibility

v2.49 (2006-08-28)

  • [Player Listview] Fixed column width not remembered when changing column set
  • [Player Listview] Fixed bad choice of text color when row is selected
  • [Player Listview] Removed ellipsis (...) in narrow column headers for better visibility
  • [Player Listview] Added Experience Progress column
  • [Player Listview] Added Status column which is a combination of health/warnings/transferlisted
  • [Player Listview] Sort order now remembered again
  • [Player Development] Added leadership to Skills Change filter
  • [Player Category] Fixed access violation when double-clicking
  • [Positions View] Fixed clearing of specialty icon when player removed from position
  • [Training] Fixed date format error when opening empty week in some locales
  • [Positions View] Fixed transparency issues when using non-XP themes
  • [Matches] Added statistics to Match Archive
  • [Customize Columns] Fixed issue where all columns were resetted to their default values
  • [Settings] Added option to keep column names when changing language
  • [Settings] Added option to toggle "narrow header style" mode under Advanced tab
  • [Settings] Removed some obsolete options from the Advanced tab
  • [Tryout] Added value difference annotation feature
  • [Tryout] Paste does now also parse form, leadership and experience
  • [Misc] Fixed possible access violation when using 'Switch team' menu item
  • [Misc] Changed default training settings for shooting to Scoring 50% (65) and Shooting 15% (65)
  • [Misc] Changed default training settings for set pieces duration to 3 weeks (2)

v2.48 (2006-08-19)

  • [Player Category] Redesigned, select one or more categories intead of all or one as before.
  • [Player Listview] Tooltip hints now displayed for all graphic columns
  • [Player Listview] First column may now be graphical
  • [Player Listview] Drag and drop to rearrange or remove columns
  • [Player Listview] Right-click column header to rename, change alignment or toggle between graphics/text
  • [Player Listview] Greatly optimized performance and eliminated flicker
  • [Player Listview] Added graphic to specialty column
  • [Player Listview] Progress columns does now have a progress bar
  • [Positions View] Hold CTRL when clicking to select multiple players
  • [Positions View] Added player specialty icon
  • [Customize Columns] Added support for Column Sets that may be cycled using Ctrl+C
  • [Customize Columns] Column settings now user specific and not shared (for multiple users)
  • [Auto Lineup] Lineup generation performance greatly optimized
  • [Auto Lineup] Removed category checkboxes due to new Player Category design.
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Ignore Player Category option.
  • [Player Preview] Added position strength values to preview info
  • [Player Preview] Added auto scrolling when sneaking
  • [Player Preview] Fixed notification message only displaying one player name
  • [Download] Enhanced support for multiple users, no need to retype username/security code
  • [Download] Files skipped due to unavailabilty now viewed as 'Skipped' instead of 'Failed'
  • [Download] Default is now to use Internet Explorer internally for retrieval (due to July 1 HT changes)
  • [Localization] Divine changed to mücizevi in Turkish translation
  • [Misc] Dates now formatted according to system locale when displayed
  • [Misc] More graceful handling of certain XML errors (No root element found)
  • [Misc] Added flags for new countries
  • [Misc] Column data now saved to XML instead of registry
  • [Misc] User data now saved to XML instead of registry
  • [Misc] Lots of other minor changes and fixes...

v2.47 (2006-03-07)

  • [Auto Lineup] Added support for considering training progress when calculating lineup
  • [Auto Lineup] Auto Lineup Settings is now merged with Sort Profile Settings
  • [Download] Improved saving/loading of settings if switching team during download
  • [Main] Added columns for skill training progress
  • [Main] Best Position column now sorts correctly
  • [Match Analyze] Fixed rating color bug for central defence vs central attack
  • [Matches] Added Delete Match option to Match Archive and Other Matches
  • [Matches] Added Other Matches tab
  • [Player Categories] Added some more t-shirts
  • [Player Listview] Added average, best, worst rating (stars) as columns
  • [Positions View] Set Pieces/captain now cleared correctly if player is replaced in lineup
  • [Positions View] Individual tactic with highest value now marked in bold style
  • [Sort Profiles] New redesigned Settings window
  • [Sort Profiles] Reworked; is now assigned to Slots in a Set
  • [Sort Profiles] Set Pieces and Captain now calculated by Sort Profiles (previously hardcoded)
  • [Sort Profiles] Sort Profiles, Weather Impact and Individual Tactic settings saved in XML instead of registry
  • [World Facts] Click country name to view country at Google Maps
  • [Localization] Fixed possible bug where only English was listed as available language
  • [Localization] Improved unicode support in dialog windows
  • [Misc] Added support for individual tactics Winger-to-InnerMidfield and WingBack-to-CentralDefender
  • [Misc] Added support for new countries (Bahrayn, Barbados, Cabo Verde, Cote d'Ivoire)
  • [Misc] Default data directory is now the Microsoft recommended LOCAL_APPDATA
  • [Misc] Fixed possible Access Violation in PlayerData.Save method
  • [Misc] Slightly tweaked default individual tactic settings for offensive winger
  • [Misc] Fixed graceful handling of invalid dateformat in XML-files (rare but reoccuring HT-bug)
  • [Misc] Now compiled and built using Borland Delphi 2006 (instead of Delphi 7).
  • [Misc] Lots of other minor stuff...

v2.46 (2005-12-07)

  • [Main] Support for tactic type Forward Towards Wing
  • [Training] Support for training type Wing attacks
  • [Arena] Fixed issue with abnormous number of seats
  • [Auto Lineup Settings] Fixed exception when double-clicking without selecting an item.
  • [HME] Fixed bug with import button sometimes disappearing
  • [Misc] Quite some internal updates and minor fixes...

v2.45 (2005-09-17)

  • [Multiple Teams] Restart no longer needed to switch between teams
  • [Multiple Teams] Current lineup now saved per team
  • [Compare Players] Added TSI value
  • [Player Information] Added player wage
  • [Matches] Color lights now updated when switching match
  • [Misc] Fixed ERangeError caused by new tactic type
  • [Misc] Added support for new countries this season
  • [Misc] Better looking flags (thanks to VladTepesz)
  • [Misc] Introduction of Hattrick Manager Firefox Extension

v2.44 (2005-08-09)

  • [Auto Lineup] Fixed assertion error (line 6998) related to keeper in a special case
  • [Localization] Fixed wrong values in non-english languages (for team spirit and more)
  • [Positions View] Fixed player name for Central Defender not unicode
  • [Match View] An unlimited number of matches may now be viewed at the same time independently
  • [Match View] Reworked closing to hopefully fix the random Access Violation
  • [World Facts] Added World Facts window
  • [Settings] Available currencies with rate and format is now picked from Hattrick.
  • [Settings] Update time for training is now verified against Hattrick XML.
  • [Misc] Added Check for Updates to Help menu
  • [Misc] A couple of other minor fixes...

v2.43 (2005-08-02)

  • [Opponent Preview] Added Recent Lineups tab
  • [Opponent Preview] Added team dress image
  • [Opponent Preview] Added window stay on top checkbox
  • [Positions View] Position background color based on position (optional)
  • [Positions View] Made show/hide (F3) of Position View behave consequently
  • [Match View] Statistics/Ratings may now be toggled between text, numbers and graphics
  • [Match View] Added team dress image
  • [Matches] Added venue column to upcoming matches
  • [Matches] Added filter to match archive
  • [Player Listview] Force Best Position settings no longer lost after download
  • [Player Listview] New icons in "Position" column colored based on position
  • [Player Listview] Changed "Last Match Pos." column to use graphics same "Position"
  • [Player Category] Added some more t-shirt colors
  • [Main] Matches, Match View and Opponent Preview window now appear in taskbar (optional)
  • [Main] The main form may now be used when a Match View or Opponent Preview is open
  • [Download] Implemented measure to avoid 'Only one TIdAntiFreeze...' error with Quick Download
  • [Settings] Change of language no longer requires restart
  • [Export] Changed delimiter to comma from semicolon (since comma is default in Excel for csv files)
  • [Export] Workaround added to avoid Excel SYLK message
  • [Misc] Unicode support. Player names, etc with "non-standard" characters will now appear correctly
  • [Misc] Completely new, much better, localization system
  • [Misc] Use one blue star for five normal stars (optional)
  • [Misc] Fixed some minor issues with storing size when window was maximized
  • [Misc] Changed all URLs to new domain:
  • [Misc] A load of other changes...

v2.42 (2005-06-10)

  • [Opponent Preview] Added Opponent Preview feature
  • [Player Listview] Added Force Best Position option
  • [Positions View] Added lock option for positions
  • [Matches] Played Matches now in chronological order as default
  • [Matches] Match ratings now visible (again) in list
  • [Matches] Orders Given icon changed to avoid confusion
  • [Matches] Window size and position is now saved
  • [Matches] Column width of Played/Archive is now saved
  • [Matches] Window is now non-modal (i.e. main window may be used while Matches is open)
  • [Download] Added option to show Compare after all skill changes (not only training)
  • [Download] Added warning if training type has been changed when training occurred
  • [Download] Added extra check to determine if training has been completed or not
  • [Match View] Now displays team name in lineup view
  • [Training] Fixed display bug of training progress for Set Pieces of non-participating players
  • [Player Category] Fixed player count for 'All' not being updated in category treeview
  • [Misc] Some other minor changes and fixes...

v2.41 (2005-05-23)

  • [Player Information] Added experience tracking
  • [Player Information] Added behaviour information to Matches
  • [Training] Fixed so all players receive set pieces training
  • [Training] Added effect setting per training type for not participating players
  • [Player Category] Player count per category listed in Player Category treeview
  • [Player Development] Added form to skill change filter
  • [Matches] Added new current matches tab and moved the rest to Matches Archive
  • [Download] Support for Security Code
  • [Download] Skill changes are now detected for all downloads, not only after training
  • [Arena] Updated construction costs to new season values
  • [Arena] Updated to correct destruction cost per seat
  • [Arena] Fixed IntOverflow error for fantasy figures
  • [Player Notes] Added vertical scrollbar
  • [Misc] Fixed wrong window position when using top or left taskbar
  • [Misc] Fixed update of latest lineups after download
  • [Misc] Added support for new countries
  • [Misc] Some other minor changes...

v2.40 (2005-01-30)

  • [Training] Added support for new training types (through passes, defensive positions)
  • [Training] Now all players are assumed to receive stamina training not only those who played
  • [Training] Player age does no longer affect duration of stamina and set pieces training
  • [Training] Adjusted default setting for Shooting training as announced by Hattrick
  • [Auto Lineup] Adjusted default setting for wingbacks as announced by Hattrick
  • [Arena] Updated arena cost to new levels introduced by Hattrick
  • [Player Development] Skill changes now display to/from TSI levels
  • [Misc] Added support for new countries (Andorra, Jordan, Geirogia and Guatemala)
  • [Misc] Export now includes column titles as header
  • [Misc] Some minor changes

v2.39 (2005-01-10)

  • [Training] Added Training Settings window
  • [Player Information] Added Training and Progress tab
  • [Player Information] Added Stars tab with stars statistics
  • [Player Development] Added buttons to show next/prev player in Player Listview
  • [Player Development] Made Skill Changes update automatically instead of using the Update button
  • [Player Development] Fixed bug with statistics wasn't always updated after download
  • [Auto Lineup Settings] Offsets now edited by double-clicking row
  • [Edit Training] Values may be edited directly instead of only using the arrows
  • [Edit Training] Multiple weeks may be selected and edited at once
  • [Matches] Added Update Player Match Data item to popup menu
  • [Match View] Added buttons to show next/prev match
  • [Match View] Added Set Player Match Data item to popup menu of Lineup panel
  • [Settings] New Internal files section for recreating all internally cached data
  • [Misc] Fixed a bug that caused data to be saved to the wrong team when switching between multiple teams
  • [Misc] Fixed wrong country name being displayed for a few nationalities
  • [Misc] Fixes lots of types/spelling errors in the Help (thanks to Simon Johnston)
  • [Misc] Some minor changes here and there...

v2.38 (2004-12-14)

  • [Match View] Fixed disappearing denominations in match report
  • [Match View] Changed one particular highlight from bruised to injury
  • [Auto Lineup] Fixed access violation caused by Auto Lineup Settings
  • [Tryout] Fixed bug with pasting denominations containing a space (e.g. "sehr gut")
  • [Player Listview] (Re)added market value as column
  • [Positions View] Added quick pick of latest lineups to Lineups panel
  • [Settings] Added option to indicate player changes with text instead of background
  • [Settings] Added information view of currently loaded files for troubleshooting purposes
  • [Settings] Added button to Recreate Player Match Data to Advanced tab
  • [Download] Implemented measure to avoid "multiple antifreeze" errors
  • [Download] Now skips training data when team is playing (due to unavailable data)
  • [Localization] Selfconfidence and supporter mood now determined by denomination language
  • [Customize Column] Fixed assertion failed error that sometimes occured after reset
  • [Misc] Fixed missing denomination levels for support mood and self confidence
  • [Misc] Improved detection of corrupt/empty matchLineup files
  • [Misc] Improved detection of corrupt/empty matchDetails files
  • [Misc] Improved detection of corrupt playerMatches files
  • [Misc] Changed to relative paths in lastFiles.xml (useful with htdata on e.g. USB device)

v2.37.2 (2004-12-02)

  • [Match View] Fixed that HM hangs when viewing certain matches

v2.37.1 (2004-11-29)

  • [Match View] Fixed broken match reports due to Hattrick change

v2.37 (2004-11-24)

  • [Misc] Fixed access violation when switching to a non-registered team
  • [Order] Fixed player number for set pieces and team captain
  • [Main] Changes since previous training highlighted in green/red
  • [Match View] Bruises displayed in highlights

v2.36 (2004-11-17)

  • [Compare] (Re)added standalone Compare tool
  • [Compare] Added Sneak-preview feature
  • [Compare] Summary now includes all players listed
  • [Economy] Added Economy window
  • [Club] Added Club window
  • [Quick View] Added TSI to Quick View
  • [Player Development] Added Experience to Skill Change feature
  • [Player Development] Fixed same date appearing multiple times after download
  • [Player Development] Window size and position is remembered
  • [Positions View] Fixed update of formation info when clearing lineup
  • [Main] Added Transferlisted column
  • [Match View] Injuries now displayed in highlights
  • [Order] Added player number (if assigned) to players in Order window
  • [Order] Added hide/show penalty shot takers
  • [Player Category] Fixed so 'All' category may be renamed
  • [Player Information] Added health
  • [Player Information] Added scored goals information
  • [Settings] Fixed Read legacy HRF-files option always appeared checked
  • [Advanced Settings] Added option to enable gridlines in player and match listview
  • [Misc] Added countries Albania, Honduras, El Salvador, Malta, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan
  • [Misc] Improved detection of corrupt players.xml files
  • [Misc] Interim temporary improvement of displaying non latin characters

v2.35.7 (2004-10-08)

  • [Player Development] Added TSI to Compare tool
  • [Player Development] Fixed issue with latest skill changes not detected
  • [Player Development] Fixed highlight colors when selecting row in Compare tool
  • [Player Development] Fixed constraints on period start/end date
  • [Positions View] Fixed resizing issues when grass is turned off
  • [Download] Playerdata will not be downloaded while playing a match
  • [Misc] Made installer check if HM is running

v2.35.6 (2004-10-06)

  • [Tryout] Values are now updated automatically when using Paste
  • [Misc] Recompiled without settings that caused .5 to crash on Win NT

v2.35.5 (2004-10-06)

  • [Tryout] Experimental copy/paste support
  • [Arena] Updated seat income to season 24 levels
  • [Misc] Fixed bug with wrong ratings when downloading an older match
  • [Player Information] Fixed bug with duplicated and out-of-order matches
  • [Localization] Fixed various language translation issues

v2.35.4 (2004-10-04)

  • [Misc] Fixed initial violation error when loading bad players.xml file
  • [Misc] Fixed last match position being hidden after performing certain downloads
  • [Misc] Fixed ungraceful download errors when Hattrick site is down
  • [Player Development] Fixed TSI graph values (was marketvalue instead of TSI)
  • [Player Information] Added player name to caption

v2.35.3 (2004-10-03)

  • [Training] Fixed bug with training data causing blank entries

v2.35.2 (2004-10-03)

  • [Misc] Fixed assertion error caused by downloading while the team played a match
  • [Misc] Added Player Development to the menu and fixed the hint text
  • [Training] Added Recreate Training button
  • [Training] Fixed bug in Edit Training with disbled OK button when type was General

v2.35.1 (2004-10-01)

  • [Player Development] Fixed issue with data missing for some players
  • [Misc] If player has no speciality, it is displayed as blank instead of "no speciality"

v2.35 (2004-09-30)

  • [Misc] Core and large parts of HM totally rewritten to support XML
  • [Misc] Tons of stuff rewritten to better support upcoming features
  • [Main] Added TSI column
  • [Main] Added Player Number column
  • [Player Development] Rewritten and merged with Skills Change (previously in Training) and Comparison tool.
  • [Training] Training rewritten
  • [Training] Added edit option to modify training data
  • [Download] Your supporters don't get notified that you've logged in when you download anymore
  • [Player Information] New information window (more info will be added later)

v2.34 (2004-07-02)

  • [Matches] Support for HT 6.6.2 ratings
  • [Matches] Match data files may be re-downloaded
  • [Misc] Added support for new HT countries

v2.33 (2004-05-15)

  • [Auto Lineup] Added weather impact
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Only inactive option (only players that did not play in the last match)
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Worst First option
  • [Match View] Toggle opposing/same comparison of field ratings
  • [Match View] Added Use Tactic/Use Lineup buttons
  • [Quick View] Updated when using arrow keys in the Player Listview
  • [Quick View] Fixed Show Quick View setting
  • [Statistics] Added zooming to graphs
  • [Statistics] Enabled Dynamic Y-axis for all graphs
  • [Statistics] Dynamic Y-axis now also considers minimum value
  • [Statistics] Checkbox states remembered when changing tab
  • [Statistics] Added "Last Two" to season dropdown list
  • [Positions View] Clicking the green area will now move focus to the Player Listview
  • [Positions View] Fixed tooltip help for Set Pieces and Captain
  • [Player Listview] Changed graphics of position column to avoid confusion with player categories
  • [Player Listview] Added Player Category column
  • [Download] Added custom files download (old matches)
  • [Download] Added Hattrick server names to connection settings
  • [Main] Added column for position played in the last match
  • [Main] Columns sort order remembered when HM is closed
  • [Matches] Changed so scoring is always home vs away
  • [Matches] Added graphical column to indicate won/lost/draw
  • [Value Legend] Added team spirit and team self confidence
  • [Tryout] Opens with preset values of selected player through contect-menu in Player Listview
  • [Order] Added penalty shot takers
  • [Settings] Added buttons for Sort Profiles, Auto Lineup Settings and Customize Columns
  • [Advanced Settings] Added setting to use small(er) panel buttons
  • [Customize Columns] Top item marked red if graphical as warning
  • [Sort Profiles] Added 20% of playmaking to default setting for Winger
  • [Sort Profiles] Experience is now considered by default settings
  • [Sort Profiles] Slightly increased default setting of passing for Inner Midfield
  • [Language] Added Estonian translation
  • [Language] Added Finnish translation
  • [Misc] A bunch of minor changes, improvements and fixes...

v2.32 (2004-03-07)

  • [Match View] Added match view statistics/lineup/report tool
  • [Matches] Number of total stars does no longer include injured players
  • [Main] Added player nationality (with flag)
  • [Positions View] Height of Positions View may now manually be resized
  • [Positions View] Players not on the field may no longer be dragged to captain or set pieces
  • [Positions View] Added nice and informative cursors when using drag-n-drop of players
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Player Category selection
  • [Auto Lineup] Splitted "Include suspended/injured" into two different options
  • [Auto Lineup] Moved Youth Strength Threshold to Auto Lineup Settings
  • [Auto Lineup] Fixed the missing for/mid/def priority option
  • [League] Fixed display of empty fixtures (not generated, happens between seasons)
  • [League] Fixed dropdown list sort order so "All" is always first
  • [Download] Fixed bug with mixed settings for Debug Mode and Use IE
  • [Download] Auto-detect adopted to Hattrick's new load balancing
  • [Download] Added Abort option when an error occurs
  • [Comparison] Combobox now lists all available hrf-files instead of just latest opened
  • [Comparison] Setting for 'Show only changes' is now saved
  • [Training] Added column for increase/decrease of value when a skill changes
  • [Quick View] Added Positions Strength tab
  • [Tryout] Added Reset button
  • [Misc] Fixed some scaling problems when using non-standard size fonts in Windows
  • [Misc] Fixed display issue of player skill better than "normal" divine
  • [Misc] Updated currencies with new Hattrick countries
  • [Misc] A load of minor improvements and fixes...

v2.31 (2004-02-06)

  • [Download] Added Quick Download feature
  • [Download] Added option to retrieve proxy settings from Internet Explorer
  • [Download] Added option to use Internet Explorer for retrieval (for those with proxy problems)
  • [Download] Added option to force Hattrick IP-address instead of auto-detect
  • [Download] Added option to turn on debug mode (only possible through registry setting before)
  • [Download] Close button gets automatically focus after download is complete
  • [League] Added graph statistics
  • [League] Added match round and last updated information
  • [Quick View] Fixed issue causing no update when choosing individual tactic
  • [Comparison] Fixed display issue caused by failed compare
  • [Training] Fixed sort order when sorting by match round
  • [Misc] Added nice looking gradient as background to graphs
  • [Language] Added Hebrew translation

v2.30 (2004-01-31)

  • [Download] Entirely new download feature (no more HRF Generator)
  • [Download] User configurable proxy support (instead of using IE)
  • [Matches] Added Matches tool
  • [League] Added League tool
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Youth First option
  • [Main] Added Set Player to Best Position feature in listview popup menu
  • [Arena] Updated spectator income to new levels
  • [Arena] Set total seats directly
  • [Arena] More detailed information about current/new/changes
  • [Positions View] Added title bar with relevant lineup information
  • [Positions View] New Outlook 2003 style layout for better use of space
  • [Positions View] Strength is listed for each individual tactic of a position
  • [Positions View] When player is clicked it is also selected in the listview
  • [Positions View] Player Category name displayed as tooltip on T-shirt images
  • [Player Category] Categories may be renamed
  • [Player Category] Default categories may now be deleted as well
  • [Statistics] Player Category combobox display t-shirt color for category
  • [Statistics] Fixed wrong currency issues in cash related statistics
  • [Comparison] Fixed display issue caused by failed compare (due to missing hrf-file)
  • [Comparison] Added filtering by Player Category
  • [Lineups] Players assigned to Set Pieces and Captain is now included in Save Lineup
  • [Training] Added skill filter option
  • [Tryout] Made window always stay on top
  • [Internal] Developed faaast XML-parser for upcoming features
  • [Internal] New data file structure with Hattrick XML-files in mind
  • [Misc] Updated look of menus and toolbars to Office XP style
  • [Misc] Enabled use of separate language for denominations
  • [Misc] A load of minor optimizations, fixes, changes and additions...

v2.22 (2003-11-15)

  • [Statistics] Fixed potential range check error
  • [Statistics] Statistics is now displayed for non-HM hrf-files as well
  • [Positions View] Average strength statistics
  • [Player Category] T-shirt color may be changed
  • [Player Development] Added Next/Prev Player buttons
  • [Main] Fixed some conflicting shortcuts
  • [Main] Fixed sort by player wage for foreign players
  • [Main] Honesty, agreeability and aggressitivty sorted on value instead of a-z
  • [Misc] Fixed agreeability and honesty value (may have caused range check error)
  • [Misc] Updated currencies with new countries
  • [Customize Columns] Fixed access violation when column was by default added to the end of existing columns

v2.21 (2003-10-19)

  • Added Polish translation
  • Added Danish translation
  • Added Catalan translation
  • Added Turkish translation
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added Finnish denominations
  • Added Portuguese denominations
  • Grass in Position View may be disabled
  • Fixed player wages that was displayed wrong in certain currencies
  • Fixed update of Quick View when clicking on Set Pieces or Team Captain
  • Fixed error message when changing tactic on empty position
  • Fixed error message when deleting a non-column sort profile
  • Fixed drawing of graphics in first column by (temporary) just allowing text

v2.20 (2003-10-12)

  • [Main] Added Open Latest feature to File menu
  • [Main] Added support for Player Notes
  • [Main] Added export of player data to .csv file for possible import by Excel
  • [Main] All player values may now be displayed as columns
  • [Main] Added option to reset column settings to default
  • [Main] Health, warnings and rating may be displayed as graphics in Player Listview
  • [Main] Added Current Position column that reflects if the player is picked or not
  • [Main] Player may be removed from category by dropping him at 'All'
  • [Main] Sort order is maintained after assigning player(s) to category
  • [Main] Fixed conflicting shortcut(s) for Sort Profiles
  • [Main] Fixed minor issue with Copy ID to Clipboard when ID was not first column
  • [Positions View] Is immediately updated to reflect player category change
  • [Positions View] Position title may be disabled (useful for low-res users)
  • [Positions View] Lineup, Auto Lineup and Statistics boxes may be toggled on/off
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Empty Lineup option to Auto Lineup (previously in advanced settings)
  • [Auto Lineup] Added Restore Defaults button to Auto Lineup Settings
  • [Sort Profiles] Added Restore Defaults button to Sort Profiles window
  • [Sort Profiles] Default sort profile for goalkeeper does now consider form
  • [Comparison] Added fanclub to Comparison tool
  • [Comparison] Added support for scrolling with mousewheel in Comparison tool
  • [Comparison] Fixed currency error in squad summary
  • [Comparison] Improved overall comparison performance
  • [Customize Columns] Available columns are sorted
  • [Customize Columns] Adding a column inserts it at currently selected position instead of last
  • [Quick View] Updated when players are selected with up/down keys
  • [Quick View] When using Position View important skills are marked with another color
  • [Quick View] Removed duplicate scoring skill entry
  • [Quick View] Values are drawn over value titles for better support of very narrow view
  • [Quick View] Added option to disable value titles
  • [Quick View] Added player personality variables and rating
  • [Order] Swapped place between Captain and Set Pieces to match website
  • [Tryout] Fixed bug in Tryout that affected values when a position's individual tactic was other than normal
  • [Statistics] Added check all/none checkbox to Statistics
  • [Statistics] Fixed minimum window width/height error
  • [Player Info] Added Next/Prev Player buttons to Player Information
  • [Misc] Wage for foreign players now correct (+20%)
  • [Misc] Main window state, size and position is remembered and restored correctly
  • [Misc] User is prompted if no HRF-file is loaded
  • [Misc] Fixed installation so outdated language files are removed
  • [Misc] Support for UTF-8 charset encoding of the HRF-files
  • [Misc] Now in compliance with CHPP rules
  • [Misc] Full 15-day trial period (99% of all functionality enabled)

v2.12 (2003-09-01)

  • Added Best Position First priority option for Auto Lineup
  • Added Quick View
  • Added Tryout tool
  • (Re)added Order feature
  • Remade Sort Profile Settings window (more user friendly and some issues fixed)
  • Player ratings are now remembered
  • Added Set lineup to category to Player Category popup menu
  • Added Clear category to Player Category popup menu
  • Fixed currency conversion error in squad summary section of Comparison
  • Fixed fishy scrollbar in Comparison window
  • Fixed minimum width contraint for Player Category selection
  • Fixed dragging of players from listview when Player Categories is not displayed
  • If a lineup is selected then its name is now set as default when saving
  • Changed fixed settings for picking Team Captain in Auto Lineup
  • Made status coloring in Positions View more easy to see
  • More polite error handling for missing language strings
  • Documentation extended and updated
  • More minor changes...

v2.11 (2003-08-12)

  • Fixed Access Violation error in Comparison
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Changed so language files are always read from the current directory

v2.10 (2003-08-10)

  • Added Auto Lineup feature
  • Added Best Position column
  • Added Settings window with Advanced Settings
  • Added new positions view integrated in main window
  • Added new save/open lineup
  • Added strength statistics to positions view
  • Added creation of default sort profiles
  • Added localized formatting of currency
  • Added dynamic Y-axis option to statistic window
  • Added option to allow opening of HAM and AM hrf-files
  • Added option to make legend items in statistics unchecked by default
  • Added many options under Advanced Settings
  • Added context sensitive help
  • Fixed more accurate value of rating in historical statistics
  • Fixed health values in comparison
  • Updated currencies
  • Many more minor additions, improvements and fixes

v2.01 (2003-04-25)

  • Fixed bug where currencies wasn't displayed correctly in statistics or in comparison
  • Hopefully fixed registration key identification problem
  • Fixed bug where all columns was set to not be displayed, resulting in that the main window was blank after reinstallation
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Lucas Escaiguolquer)
  • Added denomination translation for Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French and Italian
  • Some other minor changes...

v2.00 (2003-04-21)

  • Player Categories
  • Player Development
  • Training tool
  • Team History with statistics
  • Advanced sort profiles remade
  • Define custom columns out of sort profiles
  • Value Legend
  • Comparison tool remade
  • Display skills as numbers
  • Currencies updated
  • Added German translation (thanks to David Zahnleiter)
  • Much, much more...

v0.63 (2003-01-08)

  • Fixed bug where HM might not recognize correct hrf-files, and potentiall cause an access violation error
  • Fixed bug related to opening files drag-and-dropped on HM

v0.62 (2003-01-05)

  • Compare players side by side
  • Customize column order and which should be visible
  • Player salary and rating added as separate columns
  • Now supports XP GUI style under Windows XP
  • Listview now uses player positions from the position window instead (since HT provided hrf file no longer provides lineup)
  • Basic (very basic) print function reintroduced
  • Substitues positions now has a title in position window
  • Support for simultaneous use of two registered teams
  • Some more minor changes...

v0.61 (2002-09-08)

  • Fixed crash on non-US/Swedish Windows
  • Set arena seats using the "63-25-10-2% rule"

v0.60 (2002-09-01)

  • Support for new denominations
  • Fixed language selection bug
  • Some minor changes...

v0.59 (2002-04-18)

  • Fixade bugg vid valutaval
  • Kolumnbredder sparas nu
  • Fixade felet vid jämförelsen av hela truppens värde
  • Mindre GUI ändringar för att passa Windows XP

v0.58 (2002-01-15)

  • Stöd för olika språk
  • Möjlighet att välja valuta
  • Avancerad Sortering och dess profiler kan nås från verktygsfältet
  • Knapp för skytteligan i verktygsfältet
  • Stämning bland supportrar och sponsorer tillfälligt borttaget tills Hattrick-team fixat hrf-filen
  • Flertalet mindre ändringar, både kosmetiskt och bakom kulisserna

v0.57 (2001-11-06)

  • Helt ny layout i Position Manager
  • Skador, betyg och varningar visas i Position Manager
  • Minneläcka fixad när Position Manager öppnades och stängdes
  • Betyg och varningar visas under spelarinfo
  • Sortering av kolumn nu inverterad vid ett andra klick
  • Visar mer information om man är HT-Supporter
  • Hoppa direkt till föregående/nästa spelare i spelarinfo
  • Starta HRF Generatorn direkt från HM
  • Skador skall nu visas korrekt
  • Delvis förberedd för lokalisering
  • En rad mindre kosmetiska ändringar
  • En rad mindre förändringar

v0.56 (2001-06-04)

  • Fixat felaktig stämning bland supp/spons vid jämförelse
  • Tränaren räknas nu inte med i lagets snittålder/värde
  • Fixat så att taktik visas rätt på en gång i Position Manager
  • Toolbar

v0.55 (2001-03-31)

  • Individuell taktik för spelarna
  • Nytt orderfönster för HT5
  • Se spelares specialitet och beskrivning
  • Flertalet anpassningar för HT5
  • Många saker är omprogrammerade
  • Tog bort copy templates
  • Nytt format för HRF filer

v0.54 (2000-01-03)

  • Fixat år 2000 buggen i jämförelsefunktionen

v0.53 (1999-07-09)

  • Betyg går att ladda in igen (HT4.0 bugg)

v0.52 (1999-07-08)

  • HT 4.0 buggen med spelarnas skada fixad
  • Rutin och ledarskaps förmågorna införda
  • Jämförelsefunktionen markerar förändringar grafiskt
  • Lagets totala förändring syns vid jämförelse
  • Ingen begränsning i Arena Manager längre
  • Fixat bugg när spelare var övernaturlig
  • Stöd för betyg upp till *****!!
  • Lagt till nya "tags" för copy templates
  • Vissa HT 4.0 prylar inlagda under Info

v0.51 (1999-03-30)

  • Knapp i orderfönstret kopierar spelarens id
  • Rutinen för inladdning av betyg något ändrad
  • Nytt utseende på spelarinfon i Position Manager
  • Spelarens viktigaste egenskaper highlightas i PM
  • Ändringar i registreringskods rutinen

v0.50 (1999-03-22)

  • Nytt filformat, .hrf filer
  • Bättre integration med HatTrick
  • Mer information finns med om personal, ekonomi, m.m.
  • Skytteliga
  • Betygsjämförelse
  • Utökade information respektive spelare
  • Förbättrat informationsfönster för respektive spelare
  • Filnamn som parameter vid start av HM
  • Nytt registreringskod system
  • Jämför visar spelarvärdens differans
  • Jämför totalt spelarvärde buggen fixad
  • Betyg skrivs inte över med R eller 0 vid inladdning
  • Inga ensamma avskiljare i menyerna längre
  • Kopiera ID vid högerklick på spelare
  • Öppnas en ogiltig fil raderas inte den redan inladdade
  • Försöker inte öppna fil som inte finns vid start
  • Visar inte filer som inte finns längre i senaste filer listan
  • Spelarskada visas i antal veckor
  • Spelarlön finns med
  • Tränaren har egen ikon i position manager
  • Möjlighet att använda samma HM för två lag samtidigt
  • Inga gräns på antalet laguppställningar eller sökprofiler
  • Samt en hel del annat...

v0.37 (1998-11-26)

  • Går att läsa in betyg även om spelare saknas
  • Utskrift från orderfönstret fixad (igen)

v0.36 (1998-11-22)

  • Buggen med orderfönstret fixad

v0.35 (1998-11-20)

  • Funkar med Hattrick 3.8
  • Rätt ordning vid utskrift från orderfönstret
  • Lagt till weblänkar

v0.34 (1998-09-09)

  • HM kommer ihåg fem senast öppnade filer
  • Jämför funktionen omgjord
  • Laguppställningar och profiler kan nu sparas över
  • Skriv ut order
  • Skriv ut jämförelse resultat
  • Utskrifter anpassade till papper med hål etc.
  • Tooltips talar om spelarnas namn i orderfönstret
  • Ändrade utseende i order fönstret
  • Fixade bugg i inladdningen när en position var tom i betygen
  • Lagstämning kalla kriget och himmelriket visas nu korrekt
  • Smärre ändringar i gränssnittet

v0.33 (1998-08-09)

  • Fixat sortering med profiler från menyn i huvudfönstret
  • Fixat så att likvärdiga spelare inte sorteras olika gång till gång

v0.32 (1998-08-06)

  • Fördefinerade laguppställningar
  • Spara profiler för avancerad sökning
  • Fixat bugg när två spelare hade samma namn
  • Spelarinfo vid högerklick i huvudfönstret
  • Läser också in avbytarnas betyg
  • Motståndarens ranking och ägare visas vid inläst betyg
  • Går att ångra vid rensning av betyg

v0.31 (1998-07-17)

  • Kan nu läsa in ditt lags betyg i Position Manager
  • Sortering av positioner efter uppställning
  • Nytt lagringssätt för grafik resulterade i 50k mindre fil
  • Fildialoger är nu default i biblioteket för senaste inlästa fil
  • Laddades annan lagfil in behövdes omstart för att HM skulle vara registrerat igen
  • Allmänn uppfräschning av grafiken

v0.30 (1998-07-13)

  • Fixade inläsningsbuggen orsakad av säsongsslut
  • Order fönstret satt till AlwaysOnTop
  • Läs in dialogen är nu default i biblioteket för senast öppnade filen

v0.29 (1998-06-30)

  • Du kan nu jämför två lagfiler och få reda på skillnaderna
  • Går nu att omregistrera
  • Visar om fil är felaktig eller ogiltigt namn/ägare och inte bara fel
  • Laddas ett lag med ogiltigt namn/ägare beter sig HM som oregistrerat istället för att vägra ladda in filen överhuvudtaget
  • Byggkostnad för arena nu 0 om inget som helst förändrats
  • Gjort om mycket i koden som inte märks men underlättar för kommande funktioner
  • Ny ikon

v0.28 (1998-06-25)

  • Fixade buggen som gjorde att lagfilen vägrade att läsas in.
  • Spelare med betyg R visas nu i Position Manager.
  • Ändrade 'yttermittfältare' till det korrekt 'ytter' i Position Manager.

v0.27 (1998-06-12)

  • Du kan nu ladda in motståndarlagets betyg i Position Manager
  • Skadade spelare hamnar sist vid sortering på hälsa
  • En skadad spelare blir röd även när han är satt på en position
  • Datumet din laginfo fil är ifrån syns nu i titelraden
  • Kolumnernas bredd sparas

v0.26 (1998-06-02)

  • Prioritera egenskaper vid avancerad sortering
  • Fixade begränsningen med max 28 spelare
  • Gör egna mallar för klippa/klistra spelarvärdena
  • La till lite förklarande textrutor här och där

v0.25 (1998-05-28)

  • Markera flera spelare samtidigt för kopiering (text/html)
  • Inladdat namn/lag nu default i registreringsfönstret
  • Bugg vid konvertering av tecken med ASCII värde lägre än 100
  • Bugg vid inläsningen divisions namnet
  • Bugg vid kopiering (text/html) av spelaren med lägst ID

v0.24 (1998-05-26)

  • Utskrift i två spalter
  • Form med vid utskrift
  • Form vid text/html kopiering
  • Spelare fanns kvar i Position Manager även när man sålt honom
  • Spelarnamn syns nu på planen i Position Manager
  • Utskrifts bug som ibland resulterade i en tom sida
  • Bugg vid text/html copy om en spelare ej var markerad
  • Fixade bugg i laginfo inladdningen som drabbade ett fåtal
  • Fasta Positioner tilldelas nu vid Återställ

v0.23 (1998-05-20)

  • Utskrift av lag och spelarinformation
  • Kopiering av spelare till klippbord som text eller HTML (höger musknapp)
  • Arena Manager klarar nu av att minska antalet platser
  • La till totalt antal arena platser innan/efter ombyggnad
  • Fixade buggen med snittvärde/snittålder

v0.22 (1998-05-19)

  • Fixade problemen med svenska tecken

v0.21 (1998-05-19)

  • Tränarens ålder räknas nu inte in i snittålder
  • Spelare sätts även på fasta situationer vid 'Återställ'
  • Även *.htm filer syns, inte bara *.html
  • Lagfil som sparats med "hårda" radslut kunde inte laddas in
  • Klarade inte av fält med &-tecknet i
  • Lagnamn/Ägarenamn var inte alltid korrekt
  • Stämning och självförtroende lades till i info

v0.20 (1998-05-18)

  • Första officiella versionen!
  • Rätt tab-ordning i orderfönstret

v0.12 (1998-05-17)

  • Avbytare (inner) funkade inte vid Återställ

v0.11 (1998-05-14)

  • Hälsomarkering i spelarlistan (pos)
  • Fasta Positioner (pos/order)
  • Bugg när man drog tom plats till listbox
  • Rensa och återställ (pos)

v0.10 (1998-05-13)

  • Liten cleanup av grafiken

v0.09 (1998-05-12)

  • Drag and drop av spelare
  • Order-skapare
  • Spelarnas positioner på planen nu korrekta

v0.08 (1998-05-11)

  • Snabbade upp sorteringen enormt
  • Långtidsskadade spelare visas nu som de ska
  • Arenanamn med åäö visas nu ok
  • Krashar inte längre om default filen inte finns
  • Reducerade filstorleken ca 50 kb

v0.07 (1998-05-07)

  • Fixade bug att målvakt inte visades (pos)
  • Beskrivning för avbytare (pos.)
  • Drag and drop (av lag-html-filer) stöds
  • Vägrar nu läsa in en icke lagfil

v0.06 (1998-05-06)

  • Se positioner grafiskt
  • Snyggade till info fönstret en aning
  • Lite diverse små ändringar

v0.05 (1998-05-04)

  • Arena manager
  • La till en massa mer information i info fönstret
  • Fixade så man inte kan editera en spelares ID
  • Fixade bug så att fönstrets horisontella position sparas
  • Tog bort Hälsa från avancerad sortering

v0.04 (1998-04-26)

  • Allmän uppstädning, ersatte knappar med menyer
  • Fixade liten bugg med titelraden
  • Gjorde om det här fönstret
  • Snyggade till laginfo fönstret
  • Plockade bort onödiga värden från sorteringsfönstret
  • Senast öppnad fil laddas automatiskt vid uppstart
  • Programmet kommer ihåg fönster position och storlek

v0.03 (1998-04-24)

  • Tolkar "skadad" spelare korrekt
  • Namnet på filen man öppnade står i titelraden
  • La till snitt värde och snitt ålder i Laginfo
  • Avancerad sortering

v0.02 (1998-04-22)

  • Sortering av spelare i olika kategorier
  • Fixade inladdnings bugg

v0.01 (1998-04-21)

  • Första versionen

Hattrick Manager HRF Generator

With the release of Hattrick Manager v2.30 all downloading is integrated in HM itself, therefore the HRF Generator is discontinued.

v1.08 (031115)

  • Added close after retrival option

v1.07 (031012)

  • Optimized retrival thanks to CHPP
  • Added new IP-address to default list, removed old ones

v1.06 (030901)

  • Made IP (.155) default instead of domainname because of recent Hattrick changes/problems (at least it does work in some cases, compared to the domain name that never works)
  • Improved validity check of retrieved HRF data
  • Fixed so empty team ID is not allowed when Force Team ID is enabled
  • Changed so language files are always read from the current directory
  • Less strict error handling for missing language strings
  • Added HRF Generator documentation to HM helpfile

v1.05 (030825)

  • Enabled editing of Hattrick domain due to change in login procedure on Hattrick website

v1.04 (030810)

  • Minor changes

v1.03 (030722)

  • Added 'Force Team ID' as workaround for the HT bug resulting in blank team ID, season, etc.

v1.02 (030618)

  • Fixed error introduced by change on the Hattrick website
  • New rewritten generator core

v1.01 (030425)

  • Fixed bug where ratings disappeared for players assigned as team captain or to set pieces.

v1.00 (030421)

  • Better error handling
  • Hattrick domain changable through registry
  • Some more minor changes...

v0.968 (030105)

  • Completely remade data transfer functionality (no more socket errors due to firewalls/proxys)
  • Now supports XP GUI style under Windows XP
  • Username/password may be passed as parameters
  • Some more minor changes...

v0.967 (020908)

  • Fixed crash on non-US/Swedish Windows

v0.966 (020901)

  • Updated internet code
  • Recognizes when match is playing

v0.965 (020326)

  • Changed URL from to

v0.964 (020115)

  • Fixat bugg när en position var tom på planen
  • Uppdaterade funktioner för dataöverföring

v0.963 (011229)

  • Fixat så att proxy inställningar tar effekt utan att OK är tryckt under inställningar
  • Språksystemet implementerat och HRF Generatorn finns nu både på svenska och engelska

v0.962 (011107)

  • Använder nu alltid hrf-filen oavsett om man är HT-supporter eller inte
  • En mindre obetydlig buggfix

v0.961 (011106)

  • Hämtar nu ditt lags betyg
  • Använder automatiskt hrf-fil om man är supporter (innebär mkt snabbare nerladdning och mer information)
  • Möjlighet att stänga av bekräftelse om överskrivning av fil
  • Kan öppna nerladdad hrf-fil direkt i HM
  • Ny nätverkskod
  • En rad mindre förändringar

v0.960 (011020)

  • Fix för innehållsändring på Hattrick-sajten (påverkade endast HT-Supporters)

v0.959 (011012)

  • Fix för innehållsändring på Hattrick-sajten

v0.958 (010819)

  • Fix för innehållsändring på Hattrick-sajten

v0.957 (010701)

  • Fix för innehållsändring på Hattrick-sajten (SEK ändrades till kr)

v0.956 (010628)

  • Fix för innehållsändring på Hattrick-sajten

v0.955 (010604)

  • Förbättrade meddelande fönster
  • Tog bort Avbryt knapp
  • Fråga om man vill spara över befintlig fil

v0.954 (010519)

  • Buggfix igen för en liten ändring på Hattrick-sajten 19/5

v0.953 (010514)

  • Buggfix för ytterligare en jobbig liten ändring på Hattrick-sajten 14/5

v0.952 (010513)

  • Buggfix för ändring på Hattrick-sajten 13/5.

v0.951 (010402)

  • Buggfix för laguppställning där spelare saknades

v0.95 (010331)

  • Nytt HRF format för HM v0.55
  • Hämtar spelarinfo
  • Hämtar laguppställning
  • Hämtar spelarbeskrivning
  • Hämtar tränarbeskrivning
  • Hämtar specialitet
  • Fixat autosave filnamn bug

v0.94 beta (010315)

  • Fixat problem med värden som innehåller komma
  • Fixat problem med spara dialog som inte visas
  • Autosave

v0.93 beta (010304)

  • Fixat problem med inläsning av datum
  • Fixat problem med mellanslag i loginnamn
  • Går att ställa in proxy server och port

v0.92 beta (010225)

  • Rad ändringar för stabilare data tolkning
  • Kollar efter pågående match
  • Bättre felmeddelanden
  • Välj att ej spara lösenord
  • Hämtar spelarskador
  • Hämtar spelarvarningar

v0.91 beta (010220)

  • Första publika versionen
  • Fixade problem när ingen hemsida fanns
  • Mindre GUI ändringar

v0.90 beta (010219)

  • Första testversionen
*/ ?>