License Details

A license covers the use of a product for the person named in the "Register to" field or the "Shipping Address" of the order form.

Definitions. Registration is the process of purchasing a license. A license allows you to use the software which the license applies to.

Licensee. The license is valid for the person and the team that the registration is initially issued to. A license may not be given away to another person or to another team with a different owner. However, if your team goes bankrupt or you start a new team, you will get a new registration key for your new team provided that the old team does no longer exist.

The registration may not be transferred to another person or team. I.e. the registration is issued per team, that means that two teams equal two registrations.

The registration key may be used to register any number of Hattrick Manager installations on different computers (e.g. work and home), provided that it used only by the licensee and his/her team.

Shipping. All products may be downloaded from this site. No CD, disk or physical product will be shipped. When registration has successfully been made "registration information" will be e-mailed to the e-mail address entered in the order form or provided with the order. The "registration information" should be entered in the installed product to make the product registered.

No Warranty. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, on any of the products, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Support. Licenses only cover the use of the product which you registered for, and does not cover support. However, if in need of support, please check the support section.

Upgrades. Your license is good for all future updates of the registered product. Upgrades and new versions will be made available for download on this site.

Prices. Prices may change at any time. They may also depend on currency conversion rates. When paying online, the order form displays for current prices.

Refunds. Refunds are generally not granted except if the actual order was incorrect in some way.

Hattrick. Please note that the software "Hattrick Manager" is no way affiliated with Hattrick or Extralives.

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